Yes, corporate retreats can actually be fun – especially when you take the time to mix business, pleasure, great food, and smart planning. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to host a one-day event only an hour from Dallas, or are looking for a multi-day event where you’ll stay overnight, the Silver Spur Resort is an ideal spot for your corporate retreat or employee incentive trip.

Here are our favorite fun ideas for corporate retreats:

Put your brains to work in an escape room.

At the Silver Spur, we have two different Escape Room experiences. This is a great way to foster friendly competition in your team – whichever team escapes first gets bragging rights! The Apocalypse Room is a high-tech experience where you have to save the world from an evil doctor, where the Treasure Hunter room challenges you to return a precious statue to its rightful resting place. Our corporate retreat guests love the challenge and team-building opportunities that our Escape Rooms provide.

Get your cowboy boots on for a Chuckwagon night.

Want a great themed dinner idea for your event? We love hosting Chuckwagon nights at the Silver Spur resort. We mix our delicious barbecue with fun entertainment that will break the ice for everyone in your group. It’s a great way to kick off your corporate retreat!

Split into different teams and host a trivia night and craft beer tasting.

Team-based activities are central to any corporate retreat event – but who says they have to be boring? Our Q & Brew can host a trivia night for your company. We bring the trivia questions, house-made craft beers, and smoked barbecue, you bring your team and their combined trivia knowledge.

Our brewmaster can host a craft beer tasting, showcasing the latest Silver Spur brews and guiding your team through the creation process.

We think the Trivia night losers should have to buy the winners a round!

Host an informal picnic or barbecue.

Work is formal enough – ditch the suits and neckties and host a friendly, informal barbecue picnic for your team. Our Smokehouse can create a delicious custom picnic for you to enjoy – think Angus burgers, authentic Texas barbecue, and all of the best sides, cooked in the Smokehouse by our chefs and expert pitmasters. Mix, mingle, and network with your colleagues in a relaxed, laid-back setting.

This is a great option for a welcome lunch to start your retreat or a farewell dinner to end it.

Get physical and build trust with a low ropes course.

Our low ropes course is challenging but doable – and it’s a great way for your team members to get active and relationship-build. A low ropes course encourages everyone to work together to finish the task, but unlike your regular work presentation or project, it’s a whole lot of fun.

Get to work… at some point.

If you actually do have to do work on your corporate retreat, the Silver Spur has you covered. We offer meeting areas for guests from 10-300 people and can cater any meal for your guests.

Staying overnight?

We have a range of lodging options where everyone can sleep off their Chuckwagon dinner in comfort and style. If you’re interested in hosting your corporate retreat at the Silver Spur, get in touch with us to schedule a tour or discuss our many different options. We can’t wait to hear from you!

5 (Actually Fun) Ideas for Corporate Retreats | Silver Spur Resort, Canton, Texas
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