Canton’s First Brewery

The Brewery at the Q & Brew Restaurant is the first of its kind in Van Zandt County. As craft beer lovers ourselves, we felt that our own signature brews crafted right here at the Silver Spur Resort would only add to the special nature of the Q & Brew. Our brewmaster will keep it fresh and different and we are confident our brewhouse will keep you coming back to sample new offerings or enjoy your favorites. Our beer is currently available to enjoy through dine-in or takeout.

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Message from the Brewmaster:

In these strange times, we are working to make sure y’all can still enjoy the Q & Brew beer you love while staying safe. We currently have a seamer and 16oz cans on order so we can start packaging our product, making delivery and takeout more cost-effective for you. We expect to begin canning within two weeks. In the meantime, we will still be able to refill your growlers and deliver new growlers right to your door. 

To help us keep the cost down for you, we are implementing a growler exchange program. If you already own one of our growlers, we will deliver a filled growler to your house, pick up the old growler, where we will clean and sanitize at the brewery. Each growler that is exchanged will be soaked then scrubbed in hot caustic, given a visual inspection, rinsed, then soaked in an iodophor solution before air drying and given a new cap.  

We will also keep our small batch rotating tap going so we can continue to offer a variety of new products. We are developing new ideas and encourage your feedback so we can continue to offer a great selection of local craft beer when we are back to full-scale brewing and in house dining. 

Finally, we would like to express our appreciation for the support we have received from our first batch of beer, through today, during these difficult times. We love our Canton community and look forward to the day we can serve you in-house again. 

Drink Up, We’ll Brew More! Cheers!

~Garrett Woodward

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